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Some off-the-cuff videos made by me at the Cannes Film Festival 2013

Wandering about Cannes 2013


Longer version of a little film I made while waiting for the first showing of my film, THE HAUNTING OF HARRY PAYNE. This was May 20th, 2013 just about noon. By pure coincidence the showing was booked for my birthday so I took that as a good omen. So it proved to be. ©JohnMangan2013.

Heading home from the Cannes Film Festival 2013


After recording the chaos of the streets around the Pavilion du Film we managed to summon a cab to take us back to the villa. Within seconds, as you might hear, we witnessed a van and a scooter arguing because the former had accidentally sprinkled water on the latter from his windowshield washers. A few seconds later a car nearly took out my side of the cab. Zut alors! Those French! They crazeeee.....!

Cannes Film Festival Pavilion in the afternoon of 20th May 2103


About to head back to the villa for the night and waiting for a taxi, which of course was impossible to get. When you see the traffic you know why. ©JohnMangan2013

View over Cannes Harbour during Cannes Film Festival 2013

We took a little walk after the showing and wound up down by where the huge floating gin-palaces tie-up. Beautiful warm day ameliorated by the wind which you can certainly hear! ©JohnMangan2013.

The view from the British Pavilion, Cannes 2013

The pavilions look out over Cannes Harbour. Absolutely glorious day! This is just after the showing of my film so it's 20th May in the afternoon.

Wandering around 2013 Cannes Film Festival before the premiere -Short version

Cannes Film Festival 2013. On the occasion of the market premiere of THE HAUNTING OF HARRY PAYNE (20th May) it happened to be my birthday. The timing was entirely coincidental so i took it as a good omen and so it proved to be. To occupy the time before the showing, I took lots of pics and little videos like this one.

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Advertising Videos

Broad Horizons promo video starring Judi Daykin as "Edith Cavell"

Broad Horizons promo video starring Judi Daykin as "Marie Lloyd" and Karen Hill as "Vesta Tilley"

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